How To Lock Your Computer From Children

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I do not have children, but that many of my friends have and they have a computer. 

And one has only to turn away as the child begins to play on your computer keyboard like a piano. The result can be anything. 

So Do you often ask questions about how to lock your computer from little children?

I do too, you may need from time to time, when suddenly realize that keyboard needs cleaning, and without delay. Locking your computerin this case is also more convenient, practical and quick solutions rather than turning off the PC at the time of cleaning.

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The network contains numerous tips on the topic of “Pull the wire” to “press the Win + L”. 

Regarding the first tip I have to say that in such event your PC and 2 devices (mice and keyboard) is unsafe. Can be burned the controller ports (or burned and then burned the keyboard and mouse). The rest of the regular tools of the system is not particularly useful, as it implies a complete lock on the computer. 

Therefore, the court of readers I venture to offer a more elegant and flexible solution to lock the computer, rather than “unplug” or “come out of the system.” Namely, the specialized program.

  • BLOCK  Locking your computer is on all fronts: keyboard, mouse, drive tray, turn off the button ….In general, the power!
  • Toddler Keys  Program is similar to the previous one, so the password must be set digitally.Well, only if you used BLOCK and did not liked it.


We proceed to the site and download the BLOCK Program. It is better to download the file, not the installer, as to locking your computer you do not need all the time. Extract the downloaded archive and inside the resulting folder, find the two programs: Block (lock computer) and Opt (tuner lock settings). Start the tuner.

In the settings there are a few subtle points. Since the computer is locked away from children, then if you turn the sounds, then they will be played if any key is pressed. The child is definitely interested, but we do not need, so turn it off. Then click Select button lockA window appears select the shortcut to run without blocking options and options.

Personally, I do not use hot keys in this case, and made ??myself a shortcut to “Start” menu and run the program from there when you need to lock your computer.

Next button – Set the new password.

Please note that you pressing the keys are displayed in the window in the form of digital code. So remember to hit that. I have made ??12 354. To protect the computer from locking in such a sequence would be enough. Well, actually, the whole setup. You can put the program folder to a secluded place to make a shortcut to Block or secure it in the Start menu. Click on the icon and the cursor freezes. Mouse and keyboard do not work, drive tray does not open. Press the keyboard combination (password) and all is working again.

Program Toddler Keys is approximately the same in function, as in the case of what the layout is.