Cooler Master Silencio 550 – Computer Case Review

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The monotonous sound of the fan has always been synonymous with effective cooling, but Cooler Master says that it is possible to combine the silence with the productive system airflow. That is how the Taiwanese manufacturer is positioning the new building Silencio 550. 

How true is this statement, we will check in this computer case review.


At all stages of its development man tried to comfort, including in the field of computer technology. Modern housing for desktop systems, for example, are designed not only to have all the best components of the system, to please the eye and have an effective cooling system, but also to be low in noise. To achieve this, each manufacturer prefers its own way – who is using low speed fans with low noise, others do not skimp on material protectors. 

Our today’s test subject – the golden mean between two extremes: with soundproof walls using low-noise fans with a speed of 800 revolutions per minute. 

This review is devoted to housing Cooler Master Silencio 550.

Cooler Master Silencio 550

Despite the dark colors of the shell design, the packaging is dominated by bright colors. At relatively small size of the box, 575 x 515 x 275 mm, gross weight is quite large – more than 11 pounds, so it is not surprising that on the lateral surfaces of the package includes pen-cuts for easy transport.

Cooler Master Silencio 550 2

With package comes the following set:

  • mounting kit, assorted in different bags, which significantly reduces the build time of the system;
  • disposable cable ties;
  • manual;
  • system speaker;
  • rails for mounting hard drives;
  • adapter to install a 2.5-inch storage medium;
  • Vibration pads for power supply.

Let consider the body itself more closely.

Computer Case Review

Even at first glance at the Silencio 550 imbued with respect for its creators, at least for a sense of style. Yes, and the Spanish note in the name of the bind solid look, without too much “tinsel.” Of course, the glossy front panel may seem impractical solution, but it looks very stylish. In recent case from the front door were a rarity, so the front panel by today’s standards is quite unusual and immediately attracts attention. Over the door there are two plugs for 5.25-inch devices, docking station for a hard drive with quick substitution, and the ventilation grille of impressive dimensions.

Computer Case Review 2

The struggle for the quietness of the system imposes very strict requirements, and one of them – is the vents. For example, the top air vents not at all, and the only notable element is the Quick Access Toolbar.

In addition to the standard set of two ports USB, one of which supports the third version of the interface, audio connectors, indicators of system activity, as well as power and reset buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar handed slot for SD memory cards.

The outer surfaces of the side panels particularly nothing remarkable in the absence in them of any elements, but the interior is much more interesting.

The back panel is quite traditional to modern computer cases with a lower location of the power supply. Is that the ventilation grille under the 120-millimeter fan is not round, as is customary, in the form of a Templar cross.

Although the Cooler Master chassis is not rich in the vents, yet at the bottom there was a place to vent grille power supply. With this module you can set the fan power down, which would lead to more efficient cooling.

Internal structure. Building the system

Computer Case Review 3

Inside the computer shell there is very roomy for its size. You are free to accommodate ATX format motherboard or microATX, which, thanks to a removable HDD cage, you can set the graphics up to 427 mm, while the height of the cooling system of the processor is limited to 154 mm. Sounds good, does not it? But let us not to believe every word and try to accommodate our test bench in the Silencio 550.

Computer Case Review 4

Motherboard, as in most cases, mounted on a standard brass bar, which is mounted on a special nozzle-head screwdriver. It should be noted that this device has proven to bevery useful, especially when the first assembly of the system, screwing the rack in the pan painted without the use of the tool was not so easy.

Computer Case Review 5

The cooling system can be easily changed without removing the board itself, the size of the cutout in the pan is enough.

Computer Case Review 6

Next step – installing the power supplyFix the power module in place by four screws – it is simple enough,

Computer Case Review 7

But to lay power cables for tray through a single small slot is not easy, with the greatest difficulty in this sense, the power connector of the motherboard.

Computer Case Review 8

We have previously noted that the location for the video card is more than enough, but claimed 427 mm under the accelerator is released only after the removal of the HDD cage. In our case this is not so necessary, graphic card ATI Radeon HD 6970 276 mm in length fit easily, although it is almost back to back.

Computer Case Review 9

Hard disk is installed with plastic sled bundled.

Computer Case Review 10

Standard 3.5-inch drives in the basket is completely free, to the back wall is about 3.5 centimeters, which will easily connected with the cables, even with straight connectors.

When this assembly is finished – it’s time to talk about the normal cooling of the computer case.

Computer Case Review 11

As we already know, there are not so much fans. The front panel mounted with 120mm fan, the speed of which is 800 revolutions per minute. Its task – to ensure the inflow of cold air inside the case Cooler Master.

Testing Computer Case

In the active CPU cooling temperature difference between the performance of the stand and open-systems within the body is quite significant. And if the video card is on, this difference does not exceed 20 degrees, then the processor gets up by 26 degrees, which is quite a lot. On the one hand, the test results do not speak in favor of the Cooler Master Silencio 550, but it would be naive to assume that the silence will not have to “pay” in this case, this “board” is an elevated operating temperature of all components of the system. 

In the passive cooling of the CPU temperature has even increased, but the system still retains functional. The temperature of the CPU at full load is very high – as much as 97 degrees, but the system was successfully tested. Although it is impossible to fully compare the performance of the computer case and stand in the open, but it’s safe to say that the case is well designed to protect all elements of the computer from overheating even in the toughest conditions.


Choosing a computer case – is largely a matter of taste, and you can argue long about the design or layout of the interior space, but in the case of the Cooler Master Silencio 550 we can firmly say one thing – low noise in cooling system has an effect on temperature readings, but allows you to keep performance even in the most challenging conditions. However, for very hot configurations better pick up a little bigger case.

Of course, not without its drawbacks, which should perhaps be attributed minor negligence committed in the assembly of the case, but because it does not reflect the functionality calculation is not worth taking. Price for 550 Silencio also pleasantly surprised by those who decide to opt for this case.