Review of Computer Case INWIN EAR001

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Review of Computer Case INWIN EAR001For long time we have not had computer case, which is very relevant to assemblies of inexpensive computers that make up the bulk of all sold desktops.


Today we look at the available model of EAR001 INWIN. It is not characterized by the presence of any interesting “chips”, but it only costs $ 60, and is sold with power supply 450-Tues. The offer is tempting enough, because INWIN is a brand well known for high quality products, with regard not only the computer cases but also the complete power supply.

The external appearance

The model under consideration belongs to a class Mid Tower, so its size is small – 415 x 190 x 445 mm. However, it weighs about 6.8 kg, which is an indirect indication for the use of a good metal, and not so loved by some producers of “foil”.

To install on a horizontal surface using conventional plastic feet. The front panel is made of black plastic with a small silver inserts. In the upper part you can see three straight plugs for optical drives, bays and two plugs for local drives. It is clear that the drive is likely there will be, but, for example, quite possible to install these compartments: a card reader and USB 3.0 panel of modern motherboard.

On the side is the usual set of additional connectors. It installed dual interface USB 2.0 and two 3.5 mm jack (headphone and microphone).

The lower part of the panel is made of a convex design to be at least as interesting. In its central part there are a large power button, two LEDs and a small button reset, which is pressed with any thin object.

Metal parts are painted on the outside of a semi-matt black paint. Coating quality can be assessed as good, and strength – as the average. That is a scratch on it are only after significant impact.

In general, the exterior is quite simple. Here, the manufacturer decided not to play with the design, adhering to strict office style.

The chassis

Opening the case, we saw a fairly standard chassis. Just note the fact that all its parts are made of metal thickness of 0.5 mm, and they are fastened together with aluminum rivets. In general, the design has a normal stiffness and strength, especially considering its price.

The power supply is installed in the upper position, and for more convenient installation it provides an appropriate holder. The motherboard is installed with stamped frames, but if they are going to miss, you’ll need to install additional plug-rack. The good places for them are provided in full.

Window for a quick change of the cooling system of the CPU with no additional brackets. Therefore, to change the advanced cooler is not too convenient.

Place for expansion cards are of seven pieces. Incidentally, the distance from the back wall to the basket with storage is about 28.5 cm, so you can even install the advanced graphics cards.

Stand for any additional devices made in a single design, which gives greater stiffness. Optical drives may be three, and drive 3.5 “at least eight (six seats in the main rack plus two for drives).

Speaking about the cooling system, we can say that by default it is rather weak, but you can upgrade it. On the front and rear panels are versatile space for optional fans. At each place you can install a cooler of 120 or 92 mm. On the side there is perf grille. It does not include the possibility of installing a fan, but to tie it there will not be difficult.

Summarizing all the above in a few words, the IN WIN EAR001 is a fairly rigorous case with classic chassis, which is done at a good level of quality, fully appropriate price. Partly processed metal is not as good as one would like, but in this price range this is not the main drawback. The main thing is that the material is moderately thick and tough.

Block supply IP-S450HQ7-0

This source is made in the standard case of steel sheet thickness of 0.6 mm. Wires are derived classically. The length of the conductors of the first connector to the body is about 35 cm, each subsequent connection comes in 10 see full set of connectors is as follows:

  • MainPowerConnector 20 +4 pin, 1 piece.
  • +12 V Power Connector 4 pin, two piece.
  • PCI Express Power Connector 6 pin, 1 item;
  • Peripheral Power Connector, 2 piece.
  • SATA Power Connector, 3 piece.
  • Floppy Drive Power Connector, 1 pc.

As can be seen, despite a decent power source is designed to connect only one not too powerful graphics card and a weak set of peripherals. In the case of cost of computers is almost a typical configuration.


As a result, we can say that the computer case IN WIN EAR001 we liked, and the money is definitely worth it. The model has a strict look and is simple, yet thoughtful chassis. In the case it is easy to install long graphic accelerators and high cooling CPU, although the window for a quick loosening the back plate and is not provided. In addition, the disposal of the user is capacious rack for storage, but with a lack of cooling it is possible to use additional fans on the front and rear panels.

Especially pleasing the fact that for a small sum we get the case complete with power supply capacity of 450 Tues Model IP-S450HQ7-0 is characterized by not very impressive set of connectors, high noise levels when operating at high power, but it is fully consistent with the stated parameters, and has reliability.

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